Dear DJT 1/22/17


It was suggested by a friend that I put the letters I send to DJT up on my blog. Because at least that way, maybe someone will read them, because we can be pretty sure DJ isn’t going to read them. I mean, he’s not President Obama.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save my first letter, sent on his second day in office. But here’s the one I sent via the website today.

Dear Mr. President,

Yesterday I wrote to you regarding my wish that you release your tax returns. As you can see by the numbers of people who have signed a petition on this very website to that effect, I am just one of many who hope you will do the right thing and release those darn tax returns!

But this brings me to my next point: your apparent allergy to the truth.

You recently said, “You know, the only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters, okay? They’re the only ones.” But as you can see by your own government website, that is simply not true.

Also, it is not true that more people went to your inauguration than the Women’s Marches, or any other inauguration. Saying otherwise does not make it true. Nor does saying climate change is a hoax make it a hoax. And saying that the Russian hacks were not done by Russia does not erase Russia’s interference. Nor is it true that John Lewis was “all talk and no action”, or that Meryl Streep is an over rated actress. These statements are provably untrue. So are many of the many other things you have tweeted, or that your surrogates Kellyanne Conway or Sean Spicer have said on your behalf.

Kellyanne Conway has said that such false statements are just “Alternate Facts”. Well, Alternate Facts are in fact, not facts. They are alternate to the facts, and are therefore by the very nature of their name, lies. This is simple logic. What she is doing is “doublespeak”. Read 1984 by George Orwell if you are confused.

Now, a great many of the topics you and yours have put forth lies about are simply irrelevant and frankly beneath the notice of your office–so why you are weighing in on them is almost more concerning than the fact that you are lying about them. Nevertheless, as a mom, I have to wonder what kind of example you are setting for our nation’s youth. Should we all just lie, when we don’t like the truth?

Really, this letter is just to say that I hope, for your sake and for the sake of our country, you advise your team to deal with truth. No more lies. No more lying about lies. No more “Alternate Facts”.


Sincerely (which means truthfully),

Michelle Chalfoun


Maybe tomorrow I will write to him about our country’s great tradition of avoiding kleptocracy.


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