Letter to DJT, Day 6

adel7“I’m begging FEMA for boots on the ground”: Donald Trump leaves GOP leaders begging for aid after deadly storms in the South
Red State governors in Mississippi and Georgia complain they’ve been waiting for a response from Trump for days.


My letter to DJT today was about the above situation. It went something like this (unfortunately, I don’t have the exact words anymore–I got distracted and sent it before I could copy it).

Dear Mr. President,

It has become evident in the last six days by the things you have done and the things you and your surrogates, such as Omarosa, have said that you do not take an action unless it enriches you or your friends, consolidates your power, or pisses off the left. You clearly are not interested in helping the people who voted you into office.

The South has been devastated by tornadoes. The Governors of Mississippi and Georgia have begged for a response from FEMA and all you have done is issued a statement. Is it because these people no longer interest you now that you are a President? Helping them would not enact revenge on the left, or line your pockets, so you can’t be bothered?

You are the President of the United States. Act like it.


Michelle Chalfoun


Not my best work. But I am tired and the offenses just keep coming. It’s hard to know what to address: torture? deportations? unfit appointees? environmental degradation?

Clearly he is writing all these executive orders, bypassing congress, as rapidly as possible so that there is nearly no time or way to respond to all these outrages. Where is the reasonable Republican?  Is there no one near him with a soul? There are people hurt by every decision he makes and doesn’t make. Every action he takes and doesn’t take.

What happened to the South is an epic tragedy and DJT’s subsequent lack of response is criminal. That he should talk about crowd size instead of the destruction and death down there…?

I mean, who does that?




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