DJT Day 11: Steve Bannon, The Hand of the King


Dear Mr. President,

During one of your debates with Hillary, she accused you of being a puppet of Putin. Like a witty four-year-old, you shot back, “I’m not the puppet; you’re the puppet.”

Obviously, she had struck a nerve.

So you know how on Friday, you wrote that Muslim ban executive order? (I know you don’t like to call it that, but in the REAL world of TRUE facts, that’s what it is.)

Well, it turns out that in the REAL world of TRUE AND DOCUMENTED FACTS, the seven countries you chose to ban Muslims from have actually never been guilty of sending us a terrorist, and post 9/11, an American is thousands of times more likely to be killed by another American than by a Muslim immigrant from any country.

Though you didn’t pick countries where terrorists have actually come from, the countries that terrorists have come from, but are exempted from your ban, are also the very countries where you have financial interests.

So we can use our brains and deduct, reasonably, that this isn’t really about saving American lives. Or else you would have written an executive order banning guns from homes with toddlers, since a gun-wielding toddler kills a US citizen about once every two weeks. (True fact—not alternate!)

And we can use our brains to deduct, reasonably, that your decisions about which countries to include or exclude may be influenced by your financial conflicts of interest.

Now it doesn’t take much more thinking for us to wonder about the timing.

I guess you were figuring that while the “losers” were protesting your un-American action, the chaos would cover your slipping Steve Bannon onto the National Security Council.

Careful sir, your strings are showing.

Michelle Chalfoun

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