DJT Day 12: Why the Resistance Will Win


I work in schools as a private duty nurse for medically fragile students, so every day I say the Pledge of Allegiance. Today, I started crying. Now, I know Trump and his supporters might say those are “fake tears”, but I don’t care anymore what Trumpies say. Because as I was feeling sad, my survival instincts kicked in, and I started something like a Gratitude List.

Except in this case, it was a “Why the Resistance Will Win” list.

  1. Martha’s Vineyard ran out of pink yarn and over a thousand people showed up at 5-Corners on the day of the Women’s March–even though Martha’s Vineyard has a winter population of 16, 535 people. That’s about 1 in 16!
  2. We’ve got heart: The resistance actually cares about people other than themselves. We aren’t guided by fear, but by love.
  3. We’ve got soul: We have the Pope, The Dalai Lama, and thousands of other religious leaders on our righteous side. After all, what would Jesus (or Buddha) do?
  4. We’ve got spine: Sally Yates, Bob Ferguson, CREW, Walter Shaub, that 12 year old from Yemen; all the “Indivisible” groups, journalists, protestors, the Standing Rock Sioux, the Veterans who joined them and who stood with the Muslim refugees, etc etc (There are so many up-standers I can’t list them all in this quick and dirty blog)
  5. We’ve got the truth: data backs us up, over and over. Photos, archived quotes, leaked tweets…
  6. We’re cooler: all the artists, actors, musicians, celebrities–they’re with us.
  7. We’ve got history: not only does history show that authoritarians eventually lose, but we’re also on the right side of history.
  8. We’ve got the dramatic arc: In every major story, every hero movie (Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, everything about WWII, The Wizard of OZ, etc) the Resistance wins.
  9. We’ve got rainbows: We’re the face of the world–that big, beautiful diverse place of many wondrous differences.
  10. We own the future: people will keep moving across borders no matter what, loving different people, mixing it up, making crazy quilt families and communities until everyone knows and loves someone that this administration would hate–

And that is why, my friends, We are going to win.

Yay Team Democracy!

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