DJT Day 20: Nevertheless, She Persisted



Have you noticed how DJT and his allies keep trying to shut us up?

President Bannon told the media to “keep its mouth shut”.

When Alec Baldwin hurt his feelings, DJT said SNL should be canceled.

Conway wanted to know when reporters who called her on her lies (she calls this talking “smack” as opposed to telling the truth) will be fired.

And Sean Spicer complained that Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of him “crossed over into mean”. (I couldn’t help but wonder if her funny skit was meaner than keeping a 4-year-old in need of emergency heart surgery out of the US because he’s Iranian.  )

Today DJT decided Nordstrom was treating his daughter “unfairly” for dropping her fashion line.  Well, if our actual votes don’t count, shouldn’t we be allowed to vote with our wallets? Last I heard, the Supreme Court decided that corporate spending is a form of free speech. Doesn’t that count for individual citizens too?

And now, Coretta Scott Kings words aren’t allowed on the Senate floor. How is it possible that the Republican Party has so forgotten itself, that it actually wants to muzzle free speech ?

But we won’t shut up.

In the wake of this “appalling” election, Paul Auster finally decided to become president of  PEN America (an organization dedicated to freedom of expression). He said in an interview, ‘I’m going to speak out as often as I can, otherwise I can’t live with myself’.

Well, I think many of us feel the same way.

Last night our little Indivisible Group met for a second time. We’ve grown from 10 to over 50. We’re going to keep growing. Today many of us faxed Coretta Scott King’s words to all the Republican Senators.

Even though I know they’ll vote Sessions in on party lines, I hope they get the message.

They may warn us. They may give us an explanation. Nevertheless, we will persist.


















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