About the author


Michelle Chalfoun was born in the Bronx. After a brief stint in NYC, her family moved to a small commuter town a few stops up the Harlem-Hudson train line. A loner as a child, Michelle spent her days making up elaborate imaginary games and reading. 

Michelle received a BFA in Dance from NYU. Since that didn’t lead to any viable employment, she spent the next fifteen or so years doing a weird variety of jobs, including (but not limited to): circus roustabout, cook on large sailboats, ninth-grade English teacher, and adjunct college professor. Finally, she settled down into a career in healthcare. Currently, she is a pediatric nurse. 

Michelle now lives on Long Island with her two children. They all spend as much time as possible at her mother’s house on Martha’s Vineyard, the island setting of Michelle’s first children’s book, The Treasure of Maria Mamoun, was published in July 2016 by Farrar Straus Giroux.